Crusty Violet I

Digital print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive on alu-dibond under acrylic, 49 x 70 cm, 2019 
Edition 3 + 1AP

Crusty Violet II

Digital print Crystal Archive Fujicolor paper on alu-dibond under acrylic, 49 x 70 cm , 2019
Edition 3 + 1AP

Mythological architecture

Print edition

Beliefs are the foundation of our lives, the land where we live on. The images are the results of an experimental research to find the materiality of our spiritual thinking. A 3D scanner served as the examination tool for this process. Through digitizing different people, a rigid structure was discovered. The scans were transformed and altered, to reveal the organic landscapes of their personal belief system. What we do and experience every day, is our real religion, and shows what we truly value in life.

Concept and realization: T(n)C
Presented at:

12-14 Contemporary, Vienna