Fashion at the end of the world

Performance in collaboration with László feLugossy

Fashion at the End of the World is a collaboration between László feLugossy, the iconic artist of Hungary’s underground resistance in the 70´s and fashion designer Àgnes Várnai. The result of their combined work is a performative poem shown in the Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaújváros.

During the act one performer stays on the curved white stage in the crossing of lights from two projectors. He is in a growing state of obsessive self-destruction and madness. The film screened from the left projector is a loop of short videos pre-recorded with a cellphone. The footage is about a collection of familiar places with raw, unusual energy. The other projector is connected to the video camera held by the second performer. This live stream is running on the left side of the u-shaped stage. Unlike the first character, the one with the camera moves freely in space. She documents the actions of the stranded one and creates digital echoes of his presence on the screen.

The End of the World is a mythical space, outside of all systems. feLugossy and Várnai walk into this zone during their performance. What they reveal, are the certain shapes one can take in a place where our gaze slips down on the surface of reality. feLugossy´s dadaist poem, like an apocalyptic prophecy lays out their journey into the unknown.

Exhibition view


Presented at:

Dunaujvaros, Hungary