Costumedesign for Hörfrau Kollektiv

The feeling of being isolated from the outside world, the retreat into nature and private space are reminiscent of the myth of the nymph Echo. Echo is not only a female myth, but also a multi-layered resonating space for present-day questions. How do tremors and interruptions shape one's own identity? What kind of physicality does our memory have?

As a contemporary phenomenon, invisible bodies and unheard voices resonate in Echo, which answer us today from grottos and caves with the voice of nature. But what is an echo without origin? What is an echo whose origin has been forgotten? The performance is in search for the body’s memory. Echo is removed from its mythological context, merged with the own fragmentary biography and new scenes. Robbed of the ability of her language, Echo resists her lonely discourse and inverts her narrative as an echo of foreign expressions in which she appropriates phrases from others: “enjoy my body” (Ovid, Metamorphoses, 3. 386–392).

Based on the ancient figure, vulnerability is not seen as a need for protection, but as a robust foundation for resistance and resilience. The lack of language drives the decision of Echo to detach herself from the surrounding environment, to disappear into nature, to become landscape.

Text by Hörfrau Kollektiv 


Concept, Idea: HÖRFRAU Kollektiv,
Performance: Sophia Hörmann,
Dramaturgy: Johanna Hörmann,
Sound: Sanna Lu Una, Costume
Design: Agnes Varnai, Light
Light Design: Jakob Bogensperge,
Video: Sophia Hörmann,
Sujets: Susanna Hofer

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Kulturabteilung der Stadt / Land Salzburg

Unterstützt durch Im_flieger, ARGE Kultur Salzburg, "Tour Through Thoughts" Uferstudios Berlin  und Stadt Klagenfurt Kultur