Pendargon´s arrival

Installation with 3d animation, silicone bags, cloth, mirror, dried plants, wood, silver, 

Pendragon's arrival represents the latest artistic endeavor by Ordained Hardware, featuring a series of meticulously crafted silicone bags and altar tools. The items were created with the intention to challenge our expectations of design beyond functionality. Your bag becomes the token of yourself. Forge your principles, embrace the Strange Place. In the spirit of a ritual object, do the things we carry with us define who we are?

The exhibition offers a glimpse into this new chapter, with an evocative animated short film Pendragon´s bag. This collaborative effort features the talents of motion designer Péter Várnai and musician Mate Elod Janky.

Concept and realisation as: Ordained Hardwaremotion design and 3D development: Péter Várnai
sound : Mate Elod Janky